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“Whether you’re an individual who wants to become an influencer, a startup that wants to become an authority in your niche, or a small business that would like to attract more clients, this toolkit & lessons are for you!”

- Sagi & David, creators of CurationKit



Let's start with the end result


You’ll have a curated links newsletter.

A newsletter that is made of links to relevant articles and resources in your field.

This newsletter will be a main communication channel with your audience, and with our guidance and tools you'll actually be able to maintain it consistently, on a weekly basis.

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What's Inside? 


CurationKit comes with all of our current tools & an online course about creating a curated links newsletter. Here's what's inside:

Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders - A web app that curates content for you based on your favorite authors and topics.


Chrome Extension - An extension that we built, which scrapes and sends a web page's details to your Google Spreadsheet

Google App Script

Google Apps Script - This is the real gem in our workflow. It's a spreadsheet that will hold the links that you found on ThoughtLeaders and sent via the extension. The spreadsheet has our script attached to it, which takes the rows of links and creates HTML, which you can simply copy and paste into any email marketing service you choose.


Newsletter Templates - Our template is something we continuously tweak to enhance readability and clarity (hence upping its open rate and click rate metrics), while keeping the brand awerness at its core. This template may not work for you or for the niche your are trying to target, but it's a great starting point to get you to start sending FAST!


Online Course - in this course we will teach you how to come up with your newsletter topic, how to stand out from the competition, and how to use the tools in this toolkit. We pulished the full syllabus on Medium if you would like to see.  

And how do these tools come together?


Use Thought Leaders to get your articles. 

Send those articles to your spreadsheet with our chrome extension. 

Convert the spreadsheet data into HTML for your newsletter. 

Copy paste that HTML into MailChimp (or any other mail platform). 

Boom! Send away.

How it works

I was scheduling hours a week updating my weekly curated newsletter for the past two years until getting my hands on David & Sagi's CurationKit. 

Since then, I can say that my workflow has greatly improved through automation, and I'm able to create my weekly curated newsletter in 1/3rd of the time."

David Vuu

But curation? Is that really valuable enough?



Curation goes a long way. In an era of information overload we need someone to pinpoint useful bits of information for us. Think - are you a consumer of a curated list of any sort? Examples: Sidebar.io, Product Hunt, Designer News, Muzli, Hacker News, and more.

Curation is a great form of Creation

We grew Hacking UI as a brand and a community with our weekly curated links newsletter

And remind me again... Who are you to teach this?


So, Hi! 

We are David and Sagi

We are the proud founders of The Hacking UI Newsletter and the Hacking Network, in which we monetize 15 different newsletters reachng approximately 1 million subscribers from our niche.

Hacking UI started as a side project for us, we started it 3 years ago. Now, we have more than 25K active subscribers.

The newsletter has always been our main tool to communicate with our audience in a personal way.

With time we built tools to automate our creation process for our newsletters, and in CurationKit we are offering them to you!

We monetized it, and scaled our income from the newsletter from $6K to $70K in 18 months. Up until the point when we decided that it shouldn’t be a side project anymore and we both quit our jobs to work on it full time.

In Hacking UI we also write articles, host a podcast, have a design resources hub, manage an events section, and other media outlets, but... over the years we learned that the newsletter is by far our most valuable asset.

When we both decided to leave our day jobs we launched the Side Project Accelerator: A program where we teach creative professionals how to launch their own blog and newsletter. In the two batches that we completed in the Side Project Accelerator, we noticed that the most valuable, yet easy-to-manage asset for anyone working on becoming an influencer (in ANY niche) is the curated links newsletter.

David Tintner

David Tintner

David is the development half of Hacking UI. He’s a full stack developer, who’s worked on projects (both in his day job and on the side) in every language from JavaScript to C#. He’s an entrepreneur at heart and is always thinking up the next business idea. 

In 2012 he co-founded a competitive intelligence company called TapDog. TapDog was acquired by SimilarWeb, where he worked as a senior developer and team leader for the last two and half years. 

David now lives in Tel Aviv, Israel and is an avid reader, traveler and music lover. If he’s not at his desk hacking away on the next side project, you can probably find him at some Burning Man festival.

Sagi Shrieber

Sagi Shrieber

Pronounced 'sug·gy' - Sagi is the design half of Hacking UI. He’s been in the industry for longer than he’d like to remember, working with large companies such as Fiverr and Ebay.

He was a co-founder of TagDog, and when it was acquired he became the Head of Product Design at SimilarWeb, and has scaled the design team there from 0 to 6 designers. 

Sagi had his first taste of side project success in 2011 when he launched Pixel Perfect Magazine, the largest Israeli design blog and newsletter to this day. 

Today he is also a mentor at Google Campus in Tel Aviv, working with startups to improve their UX. He lives in Herzliya, Israel with his wife, two kids and dog. 

When he’s not up to his eyeballs in Sketch layers or writing about the next big productivity hack, he’s probably practicing his backflip.


David & Sagi taught me about the importance of having a weekly newsletter and my own mailing list. 

They taught me how to manage my list properly, and how to consistently send a weekly newsletter, while tweaking it to the max. 

Today, my weekly newsletter is also my main tool to communicate with my audience, and David & Sagi made sure I do it the right way, and most importantly - they taught me how to make my newsletter plain awesome for readers.

Omri Lachman

What will I have by the end of this course?


  • You will know what your newsletter will be about
  • You will have a first draft of your first issue of your newsletter!
  • You will have the tools all set up and ready for use
  • You will have best practices in place regarding opting in users to your list
  • You will have a subscription funnel in place, including forms, thank you pages and emails
  • You will have the tools and knowledge to become an authority in your field

What will I not have by the end of this course?


Well, this is in no way a ‘get rich & famous quick’ course. We do not promise you to succeed, we do not offer you fame or fortune by doing this course. 

We are giving you the practical foundation to begin building and communicating to an audience. If you would like to learn how to gain audience, how to write effectively, and join a community of like minded people that will support you along the journey - you might want to check out our program: The Side Project Accelerator.

What else do I get when I sign up?



When you enroll in the course you’ll also get:

  • One Week To Profit - a guide by Jason Zook ($99 value)
  • 3 months of Mailchimp for free ($30 value)
  • $100 Off Chimp Essentials - the praised Mailchimp training course by Paul Jarvis (full price is $274)
  • $300 discount to The Side Project Accelerator
  • Get 2 free months for using Crowdcast - webinar platform that we use to run all our webinars
  • A bonus feature in our Google Apps Script that will allow you to automatically share your links on social media using Buffer ($20 value)
  • 20% Discount to purchase the MC4WP Wordpress plugin (same plugin that we use on Hacking UI)
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